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Dr DeForest B Soaries

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In the past, attaining a corporate board seat conjured visions of networking at affluent social events. What was important for very large, high visibility boards was having big names on them; celebrities, politicians, or corporate executives – to add to how important a company was perceived.

Those days are gone.

Tuesday, January 25th 2022


In September 2018, California became the first U.S. state to pass Senate Bill 826, mandating all public companies with executive offices to have at least one woman on their boards. Other states have since followed suit, introducing legislation to improve board diversity in terms of not only gender but also age and race.

Corporate America is seeking a diverse group of individuals in the boardroom and this will increase greatly beyond 2021 due to the social justice movement, new regulations, and the Covid impact.

Winning a corporate board seat isn’t easy. But if you have the right skills and drive, it is becoming increasingly possible.

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To learn how to pursue opportunities to accelerate your career and enable you to make a lasting contribution at the highest level of an organization.

Dr. Soaries teaches you some of his secrets from inside of the boardroom and shares success stories from some of his past students he has mentored all the way to corporate boards.

In today’s world, this is the best way for you to get a seat at the table and make sustainable change.

Tuesday, January 25th 2022


Dr. DeForest B. Soaries. Jr.

Former New Jersey Secretary of State
Former Chair of United States Election Assistance Commission.

Private For Profit Board Member of:

  • Independent Director for Uncommon Giving

Compensation Chair Board Member of:

  • Ocwen Financial Corp. (NYSE: OCN)
  • Independence Realty Trust (NYSE: IRT)
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of New York

Not for Profit Boards:


  • RWJ Barnabas Health
  • NJ Chamber of Commerce
  • Delta Dental Foundation
  • dfree Global Foundation
“Over 25 years ago I set a personal goal of serving as a paid corporate director. Since that time I have served on seven paid boards and currently am compensation chair at two public companies and one GSE – and I love what I do.

I knew people that were on boards themselves. None were willing to help me achieve my goal. Those that did help me were the least likely to do so. I want to help others in the same manner that the least likely of my associates helped me.

So many people have asked me how I have been able to become a corporate director that I have decided to help others do what I have done – starting with a free masterclass sharing what I have learned.

Welcome to this experience that was not in my plans, but is now in my spirit to pursue. Hopefully, you will benefit from what I have learned. Corporate America needs you and there is no reason for you to miss your opportunity to serve.”

Dr. DeForest B. Soaries. Jr.


Wanda Taliaferro MBA, PMP

“The Masterclass has helped to position me to become board ready. It provided insight for me to uniquely frame my contributions to potential boards and strategies to increase my exposure to influencers. Dr. Soaries has provided the encouragement to make me feel that board opportunities are now within reach.”

Vaughn L. McKoy, JD, MBA

“Anyone interested in obtaining a paid directorship should strongly consider this masterclass. Dr. Soaries’ insights and experiences as a board member and lead director provide an authentic behind the scenes look at the nomination and governance processes.”