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Create Residual Income by Becoming an Ambassador.

Both students and non-students are welcome to join! 

This is a golden opportunity to create a residual income. Don’t miss out! 

How our Ambassador Program works:

Step 1: Sign up

We welcome students to join our Paid Ambassador Program for the How to Become a (Paid) Corporate Director course. 

If you’re not a student yet, sign up for the waitlist for our next cohort here.

Step 2: Refer us

By introducing our How to Become a (Paid) Corporate Director course to your friends and network, you’ll start creating your own residual income, which means you’ll earn income while you sleep!

We’ll provide you with customized graphics and email/social content material for you to maximize your potential of being an Ambassador.

Step 3: Earn

We’re delighted to offer you: 

  • 30% commission per enrolment ($89)
  • Enrol 3 people for a resume skill set review by Dr Soaries to establish your board seat focus
  • Enrol 5 people and get a free social media audit. 
  • Enrol 10 people for a 15-minute 1:1 with Dr Soaries.

Join the Paid Ambassadors Program today to inspire your audience with our amazing How to Become a (Paid) Corporate Director course while creating your own residual income!